The world's only all-female sextuplets were born in 1983 - and wow, look at them now!

They just turned 35!

December 05 2018

Back in 1983, the world's first, and only, all-female sextuplets were born.

The girls, Hannah, Lucy, Ruth, Sarah, Kate and Jennifer were born to parents Janet and Graham Walton who had no idea how or why, they had been blessed with six girls!

Over the years, the world has been kept in touch with their antics - from starting school to going on dates. Their dad, a natural-born joker, was always quick to talk about how he lived in a house of seven girls and still survived!







But now aged 35, the girls are still as close as ever with only one of them moving out of the area they were brought up in. There's one grandchild (at last count) called Jorgie.

And this has caused all the baby-years memories to flood back for mum Janet. 

‘Looking back, I don’t know how we managed; honestly I don’t,' she says. 

‘We lived through those early years in a blur. We had no time to think. We were just doing. And the only regret is that there wasn’t enough time to enjoy them as much as we’d have liked.'

‘When Sarah says: “Jorgie was awake in the night. I’m so tired!” I don’t say anything, but I remember back to our girls’ early years. For two years, Graham and I only slept for a couple of hours a night. It was very difficult, a constant round of nappy-changing and feeding. And we couldn’t learn from our mistakes because we experienced everything at once: the weaning, the potty-training, the first steps. It was a constant onslaught.’

‘We worked out that we used 11,000 nappies a year,’ chips in Graham, 64, who took a year off from his job as a painter and decorator when his daughters were born, to help look after them.

Now, equipped with three decades worth of anecdotes on sharing a house with seven females, he even gives after‑dinner talks!

So what do they do now?

Well...Jennie is a catering manager, Sarah is a mum to Jorgie, Luci works for an airline as cabin crew while Hannah is a school teacher. Kate works in Human Resources while Jenni runs a sweetshop!

And here they all are!


The Walton family

The Walton family