SHOCK RANT: Mother threatens to BEAT UP anyone she sees breastfeeding

This is outrageous...

Writer / March 12 2019

An angry MOTHER has threatened to PUNCH anyone she sees breastfeeding in a bizarre rant on social media.

Her angry words were featured on Reddit and fellow users were quick to slam her judgemental and strange online threats as, not only did she threaten to beat up mothers but she also threatened to attack babies too.

It’s not clear who the mystery mum is or why she made the aggressive breastfeeding claims originally on Facebook saying,

‘I’m not sorry – the next female who tries to whip her boob out to breastfeed infront of my kids, will get a black eye, move that baby bc I’ll punch it too’ and then she added the hashtags









Fellow Reddit posters were quick to attack the women for her very controversial breastfeeding views. “The thing that amuses me is the whole "how dare we show KIDS breasts in public?!" line.

"Like seriously, what is the worst that can happen? A kid will see a woman breastfeeding and be curious, ask what she's doing, probably think it's cool or weird or funny or gross, depending on the kid,” said one.

 Others were less reserved… “Imagine being such a piece of sh** that you're willing to punch a newborn infant because you don't approve of how the mother is feeding them. Because somehow that's less upsetting to your kids? What a psycho.”

One user suggested alerting the police about her threatening behaviour following her shock outburst.

Meanwhile, some tried to explain that they had heard of a lot of mothers, who exclusively bottle fed, refused to breastfeed because they felt that it wasn't appropriate.





What do you think of the woman's outrageous rant?

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