Woman struggling with infertility discovers husband had a SECRET vasectomy


Writer / April 05 2019

Infertility struggles are painful, and resorting to IVF is a step that is financially and emotionally draining.

So when one woman who had been trying for a baby for years without success discovered that her husband had been lying to her all along, she was understandably devastated.

It turns out he had a secret vasectomy before they got married. Now, the woman is so angry that she's considering divorce.

“My husband 50M had a secret vasectomy 10 years ago while he was married to his first wife. When we met 5 years ago he never disclosed this information and we got married 3 years ago,” she explained in a post on Reddit.

“We have been trying to have a baby, obviously without any luck until we opted to do IVF in Dec 2018 which was unsuccessful.

“Last month I looked at all our tests results and it hit me that his zero sperm count several times on sperm analysis can’t be normal and suspected vasectomy."

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When she confronted her husband, he finally admitted he’d had a vasectomy but said he’d hoped it would “reverse itself naturally.”

“I feel very angry, betrayed and hurt that he allowed me to go through the emotional roller coaster of thinking I’m infertile and to even suggest IVF while he knew what the problem for us not falling pregnant was his vasectomy,” she wrote.

“It is difficult to trust him now. Should I stay or is should I divorce him and get someone who will be honest with me and who I know I’ll still have children with. I feel cheated and time is against me. I’m very conflicted on what to do.”

The post received more than 200 comments, with many people siding with the woman and saying that what her husband did was unforgiveable.

“Holy sh*t, he let you go through all of that knowing he was sterile? He’s vile,” was one blunt response.

“This is heartbreaking, OP. I can't imagine what you are going through right now. This seems very cruel of him, I don't think anyone would blame you if you weren't able to move past this,” added another.

“This is something I would leave over. I'm sorry this is happening OP. He should have disclosed this information while you were dating,” said a third.

What do you think? Could she ever trust him again?

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