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Content Editor / February 01 2019

Back in the ’80s, Peter Ellenstein was a young actor who made regular trips to the sperm bank to make some extra money.

He was an anonymous donor, meaning no one would ever be able to demand the sperm bank disclose his identity.

Although Peter, now 57, married and divorced later on in life, he never had any children with a partner.

Then in October 2017, Peter received a Facebook message from a young woman named Rachel. She said she was raised by a single mother and Peter was her biological dad - and he had at least 25 other children.

Rachel had spent years trying to find her biological dad. She managed to have her DNA matched with 11 other donor siblings, and they worked together to try and find their father.

Over time, they learned Peter Ellenstein was their donor, and a quick Google search revealed he was an actor in LA.

Peter meeting one of his children at the airport

Peter meeting one of his children at the airport

When Rachel and Peter finally met, it was, unsurprisingly, very emotional.

“A different part of my brain opened up,” Peter said. “I felt like I owed her something – my best self.”

To date, Peter has met face-to-face with most of his children, and says he feels a strong bond.

“I feel closer to all of them,” Ellenstein says. “We have more connective tissue between us now.”

He has even introduced his mother to his new sons and daughters. Asked if she considers these young people to be her grandchildren, 91-year-old Lois Ellenstein said, “How could I not?”

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