Woman slams mums who shop at Kmart as 'scabby' and 'scummy'.

She might just regret this...

October 22 2018

A woman has launched a vicious attack on mums who shop at Kmart, labelling them as 'scummy mummies', 'scummy' and 'feral'.

The bizarre and angry rant, from the woman who admits she has no children, was aimed at mothers who bought shoes from the store for their kids because she claims the shoes are made of  'synthetic unbreathable crap'.

Writing on the Facebook group Aussie Banter in an open letter, she angrily wrote to 'mothers who shop at Kmart and other big chain stores for their child's shoes', saying, 'You lot disgust me and don't deserve children and shouldn't have had children'. 





'I see this every day! Pathetic mummies sending their feral brats to school with no name Kmart shoes with no considerations for your child's feet,' she ranted.

'It's putrid and irresponsible if you can't afford propper [sic] fitted shoes you should be forced to do parenting and money management courses, instead of blowing all your money on crap from Afterpay.' 

The woman said shoes from stores like Kmart would ruin their child's feet because they were made of 'synthetic unbreathable crap'. 

'When I have a child it will only have the best of everything because I will love and care for my child, unlike you feral, scabby excuses for parents, and I know how to manage money,' she weirdly added.

She signed off by requesting 'scummy mummies' offended by her post 'scroll on' before referring to herself as a 'concerned future mum'. 






Mums were quick to defend their shopping for shoes at Kmart with many querying if the woman was joking in her letter because it was angry!

'She must not realize how fast kids feet grow (and ruin things),' one user wrote, while another referred to her as a 'childless angry foot woman'.

'Get angry about something that matters,' said one bemused Facebook fan. 'When you have kids you'll have plenty more than this to worry about. But you used the word 'putrid' well!'

'Are you for real, you snobby fool?' said another. 'Get a life'.