WATCH: Nanny saves baby just seconds before ceiling collapses...

She's a hero.

March 28 2019

A brave nanny managed to rescue a baby just moments before a lounge room ceiling suddenly collapsed.

The video, shared on website Reddit, shows the heart-stopping moment the nanny races into a room and grabs the tiny baby from its cot.

She then clutches the child tight to her body as she rushes from the room.



Seconds later, the ceiling falls in and debris and dust land on the cot and it's knocked over. 

The living room is left covered in plaster and chip board and there are light bulbs swinging dangerously overhead in the wreckage.

Mystery surrounds who the baby and the nanny are but it's clear the moment was terrifying. 

Reddit users believe the quick-thinking heroine is the nanny or house maid, as she’s dressed in a white uniform.

According to the date stamp on the footage, it happened on Sunday March 24 at 10.34am, and many Reddit users believe it could have been caused by an earthquake. 

One person revealed, ‘Yep, Philippines, 4.5 earthquake. The time in this video lines up with the actual event.’

Another remarked, 'Must have been a strong earthquake, certainly one that would prompt a person to retrieve anyone inside and evacuate.’ 

But one thing's clear - as one commenter pointed out, ‘That woman deserves a f***ing medal’.

See the heart-stopping moment here...


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