Mum's affair exposed when DNA test reveals twins have DIFFERENT dads


Content Editor / March 27 2019

A Chinese woman’s secret affair was exposed when a DNA test revealed her twin babies have two different fathers.

The woman had requested a paternity test with her partner so they could put their sons on the household register.

When the results came back, they were shocked to find that one of the twins had not been fathered by the dad.

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Getty images

According to the Fujian Daily newspaper, the woman's partner had wondered why his twins did not look alike, and why one of them did not resemble him in any way. He had not considered the possibility that the child might actually not be his, however.

The possibility of super-fecundation, when two eggs are fertilised during the same cycle by two fathers, is one-in-a-million, doctors say.

The test results caused an argument between the couple, with the wife initially blaming her partner for tampering with the results. However, she finally admitted to having a one-night stand.

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An expert from Fujian Zhengtai Judicial Authentication Center in Xiamen said that for the woman to conceived the babies by two different men would mean she had slept with both of them within a short space of time – days or even hours apart.

It’s believed the couple have sorted the matter out between them, however the father has been quoted as saying that while he wants his own child, he is unwilling to raise someone else’s child.

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