Mum SLAMS mother-in-law for kissing grandkids on the lips and starts MASSIVE fight - who's right?

Wow! This has sparked a huge controversy!

March 28 2019

A mum has slammed her mother-in-law for kissing her grandkids on the lips - and ignited an incredible argument!

The anonymous mum took to parenting forum, Netmums, to say how horrified she was about how her MIL kisses the kids on the lips, but she and her husband do NOT.

Her post says: "I've noticed my mother in law keeps kissing my 1 and 2 year old kids on the lips. 

"I guess I notice it and it stands out to me because no one else I know does this and myself and my other half don't even kiss our kids in this way. She wears lipstick as well. 

"I mean I'm not suggesting there's anything dodgy with her doing this but I'm not easy with it. My kids squirm as well. But I'm not sure what I can do or say.

"We don't have a close relationship and my partner also doesn't have an easy relationship with his parents. 

"If either of us were to comment it would likely blow up into a massive thing. 

"What does everyone think about this kind of thing, has anyone had anything similar?" 



And then she sparked a huge argument which raged on and on. 

One mum commented: "Personally, I think it's a bit sexual for a child this young - to be kissing adults on the lips. 

"Aside from the danger of germs passing across, a child needs to be aware that it is not normal for an adult to have such intimate contact with them."

She added, "Young children won't know, instinctively, the difference between the acceptability of closeness with an adult family member and that of an adult who should not be getting that close. 

"Kissing on the cheek or hugging in a non-sexual way is fine but a young one should learn by example that sort of intimacy is not run-of-the-mill and so be aware if an adult with unacceptable intentions were to touch them in such a way." 

But others disagreed. 

"This is so freaky," said one.

"You are all weird," said another.

'Doesn't everyone's mum kiss them on the lips! It's not sexual, it is what you do! This is madness," ranted another mum.

Another mum said that you should only kiss your partner on the lips and no-one else. "Sorry, you shouldn't mouth kiss kids, it's uncomfortable for everyone. Save it for your other half," she said. 



And another commented: "I think it’s how you’re brought up. To be honest if people see it as sexual then they are the ones with the sexual thoughts which is pretty odd. 

"However, we never kissed our parents on the lips and I have a 7 month old and never kiss my baby on the lips because I get cold sores and herpes can be fatal to babies, I also don’t let anyone kiss my baby on the lips because of this." 

Others responded, "You have never kissed your kids on the lips??? What is wrong with you????"

In the end, Anne Marie O'Leary, Netmums editor-in-chief weighed in on the debate saying, "Kissing on the lips has a different meaning for each family. 

"The point here is that mothers-in-law need to be attuned to that child, and that child’s parents. 

"If the child doesn’t like it, or the parents, don’t do it. It really is quite simple." 



What do you think?