UPDATE: Toddler dragged from Fraser Island campervan by dingos has a fractured skull

This is horrific.

April 19 2019



The toddler who was attacked by dingos on Fraser Island has a fractured skull and cuts to his head and neck.

The 14-month-old boy and his family were camping in a very remote part of the island – known as K’gari  – on Thursday night when two dingoes entered their campervan as they slept.

Paramedic Ben Du Toit said one of the dingoes bit the toddler’s neck and began dragging him away into the bush.

“The parents awoke with the toddler crying and heard the crying getting further away from the campervan,” he said.

The boy’s father ran outside and fought off the dingoes, and rescued his son from one of the animal’s jaws.

Paramedics treated the boy for two deep cuts on his neck near the back of his head, and some minor cuts on his head. He was flown to Hervey Bay Hospital where doctors discovered he had a fractured skull and he is now at Queensland’s Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

He's currently in a stable condition.

The environment department have brought in extra rangers to investigate the attack and patrol the island over the busy Easter weekend. 




A toddler has been attacked by two dingos in Queensland - after they dragged him out of a campervan on Fraser Island.

His parents were asleep in the van when the attack on the 14-month-old boy happened.

Emergency medics told 9News that the little boy was set upon by the dingos inside his campervan at Eurong Beach at around midnight.

His parents reportedly heard their son scream but then his cries became faint and his dad raced out to fight off the animals and found one with his son's head in its mouth.

The boy suffered severe puncture wounds to his leg and upper body and head injuries.

He was airlifted to Hervey Bay Hospital at 3am where he is said to be in a stable condition.

Back in January, a six-year-old boy was taken to hospital after being attacked by a dingo on the same island after swimming.

He startled a pack of the animals on a sand dune.



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