This baby was just 311 grams at birth - but WOW, just LOOK AT HIM NOW!

Connor Florio was born at just 24 weeks old and was just 311 grams but he's leaving hospital!

April 17 2019


John and Jaimie Florio

John and Jaimie Florio


Connor was taken to Westchester Medical Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital’s NICU in Connecticut, USA where he was given steroids to help his lungs grow, and a ventilator to breathe with a breathing tube, that looked like a “coffee stirrer.”

“I didn’t really notice how tiny he was. Now, I notice it more when I compare him. He looked like a miniaturized baby,” says Jaimie. 

During Connor's time in hospital he experienced a small bleed to his brain and often struggled to breathe with several infections.

But slowly he got stronger and stronger!

And just look at him now! At nine months, Connor (dressed here for Valentine's Day) is going home, and his doctors are very proud.





“I can’t remember in my 40 year career if a baby this small has ever survived,” said Dr. Dennis Davidson, unit chief for Blythedale’s Infant and Toddler unit. “We didn’t find any babies born in the United States that small who survived.

But Connor's personality has helped his battle to grow stronger. 

“Everyone kept saying if he wasn’t so feisty he wouldn’t have made it,” Jaimie laughs!


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