86-year-old man knits beanies for Premmie babies

Ed taught himself to knit for the best reason.

November 22 2016

So far, Ed has personally knitted 55 beanies for babies as part of a challenge.


JoAn Hobbs, the facility’s executive director, said the challenge was set by the corporate office to see which community could knit the most hats.


However, with the help of others, Ed was able to present 300 hand-knitted caps to present to the NICU Thursday.


Moseley is largely to thank for that. As a recently retired engineer, he excitedly took on the challenge and even held classes for his fellow residents to get them inspired, as well.


“I must be a lousy instructor because I didn’t get many takers,” he laughed.


New dad Doug Bunt said: “To know there are other people who are thinking about the well-being of these babies, our babies, it’s really nice to know. The fact this man is taking time out of his day to help the kids really means a lot to us.”