The $5 Kmart CAMPING food hack that has changed parents' life!

Happy Easter Camping!

April 18 2019

If you're heading away this weekend on a camping trip,  there is NOTHING more annoying than preparing that first night meal.

Between packing and setting up for the first night at your camp site, kids running around, the last thing you want to do is organise dinner for everyone. 

Well, stop. You don't have to. One clever mum has come up with an ingenious Kmart hack that takes ALL the stress out of your trip. Well, kind of. 

Using this, the $5 12 Compartment Organiser, available in the auto section of Kmart, a mum called Jurindah who follows Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook group reveals how she has chopped up lots of snacks as an easy way to feed her tribe., reports New Idea Food.




Filling the lunch box/container - which is intended for hardware bits and bobs - Jurindah filled the different compartments with slices of carrots, tomato, cucumber, cheese, salami and cabanossi. Yum!

She writes: ‘Thank you Kmart $5 organiser for our first night of camping, no stress dinner. I have a tear and share from Bakers Delight plus dips and falafels.’



Such a great idea.

Other followers at the Facebook group loved the idea, adding that it would be great for long car trips, plane rides or even lunch boxes. 

‘What an awesome idea!’ wrote one. Added another: ‘This is a great idea! I’ll be doing this.’

Said a third: ‘Omg Ive been searching for the ultimate lunch box with dividers & this is everything and more!😍


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