US ROYAL REPORT: Royal helicopter pilot QUITS over Meghan Markle's demanding pregnancy cravings

A US website is reporting another royal member of staff has quit

April 17 2019

A US website is reporting that yet another royal member of staff has quit Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's household - but this time it is over Meghan's pregnancy craving demands. 

The website Radar Online claims that the 'veteran chopper captain' quit because he was tired of making constant food trips to satisfy Meghan’s pregnancy cravings.

There's been no word from the palace about the reports.



According to the report Prince Harry was constantly ordering the un-named pilot to go and fetch “weird” snacks for the Duchess of Sussex, until he finally quit over being “an on-call 24/7 flying delivery service.”

The royal family are now advertising for a new helicopter pilot who will earn $150,000, flying the $13million Sikorsky S76 C++ craft.

Responsibilities include: planning and executing flights in accordance with TQHF Operations Manual, managing royal tasks and other administrative duties, and supporting the Director of Flight Operations.

A recent job advert was released by the Royal Household and says the pilot will be based at a Royal Air Force base on the south coast of England.

The royal pilot is one of several staff members to leave the royal household amid allegations Meghan is difficult to work with. 

In November, Melissa Toubati, Meghan's personal assistant resigned from her position just six months after starting the role. 

And Amy Pickerill who was a close aide to Meghan is due to leave after she had the baby.

Meghan is due to have her baby any day now, although there are reports the Duchess of Sussex has already given birth in secret and will be announcing the birth in due course. 




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