Doctors have finally ruled that period pain is as painful as a heart attack

At last!

December 14 2018

For years women have struggled with period pain in silence. Still doing the supermarket shopping, still making dinner, still heading off to work - all while feeling like there’s a nuclear bomb going off in our stomachs. 

And no-one who’s never menstrual cramps - ie, men! - ever really understand how bad it is, thinking that we pan pop a Panadol and go on our merry way. 


Well now an English professor has finally ruled that period pain - or Dysmenorrhea as it’s technically known - can be as painful as a heart attack. 

John Guillebaud, the Professor of Reproductive Health at University College London, recently told Quartz that patients have described the intense menstrual cramping pain as almost as bad as having a heart attack.'

Which is the just the type of validation that many women who suffer crippling pain every month have been waiting for. 

And while we’re not making light of the fact that heart attacks are obviously much more serious and life threatening, it is nice to hear for women who’ve suffered crippling pain every month for a lot of their lives. 

Not surprisingly, the news has brought comfort to social media users across the world. 

‘This is probably why most women don't know when they are having a heart attack, they can just 'handle' the pain....,’ says one user. 

Another wrote: ‘My Dr told me it was all in my head. Like I made the pain up!! Vomit, faint, cried in pain for 3 days in bed. Every month!! Horrible!!’

And a third commented: ‘I'm laughing because most of us women could've told you this a long time ago if medical science actually listened to women. That would be too easy right?’

Way too easy!

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