Meet the three-year-old who wears 'high-end' fashion!

She's a fashionista pre-schooler!

August 20 2018

Decked out in Chanel shoes, a Gucci belt and matching hat, this curly haired three-year-old is giving fashion influencers a run for their money.

Meet Hollie Lawlor from Dublin, that spends her day posing in outfits inspired by
fashionistas like Erica Fox, Melissa Carter and Dominique Nugent.

Hollie’s feed is packed full of side-by-side comparisons of the world's greatest fashion stars and her followers feel that the budding star wins every time.

And if she’s not transforming herself into the next fashion influencer, the tiny tot is styling
her own looks in colourful head-to-toe designer wear. Her followers simply can’t get enough. ‘She is everything!’ says one fan. ‘The sass!’ enthuses another.

According to her mother Pamela, Hollie is a natural born poser and simply loves acting
up for the camera. ‘Hollie is full of sass, and loves having her photos taken,’ Pamela told Babble. ‘Last year she asked Santa for a white Mini Cooper because ‘my mammy has one.'

Indeed, Hollie has a keen eye for luxury and according to her mother, the toddler had the
knack of spotting designer clothes from a young age.


‘At age two Hollie could recognize designer logos and name the brands!’ Pamela adds.

In fact, it was her mother’s love of fashion that inspired the tot to have her own passion for

Pamela makes Hollie her own clothes and when they are out and about, she gets so
many compliments she posts pictures online and her love for posing for the
camera has grown!

Her mother also loves dressing up and asks her husband to take the photos.

‘[Hollie and I] also love to wear matching clothes and Daddy is the photographer!’ Pamela
enthuses. But her parents insist that Hollie is just like any other girl her age and still loves animals and
watching Doc McStuffins. She also adores dancing and singing and hopes to go to acting
classes one day.

Watch out Kardashians!