Three ways to get your pre-schooler to go to bed!

It feels like herding cats, but Fran Chavasse from Tresillian, has some helpful tips...

Author of Tresillian Sleep Book and Senior Nurse Educator / July 16 2018

Do you have a toddler who finds bed-time as appealing as eating cold porridge? Fran Chavasse from Tresillian has some golden tips to take out the stress - for everyone!


1. No TV for two hours before bed

'Its not the TV that's distracting, it's the blue lights that TVs, tablets and any sort of device give off. They're stimulating bright lights that will dis-rupt your child's sleep. As hard as it is, it's a good idea to keep them away from devices, games consoles and any screen for at least one to two hours before bed if you can. Try not to have a TV in your child's bedroom.'

2. No caffeinated food or drinks after 12pm

'When we think of caffeine, we think of coffee but you can find it in a lot of foods or drinks that you might not suspect! Caffeine is a stimulant so it's very hard for a child to sleep after consuming it. Check labels, but it's found in chocolate, puddings, cakes, energy drinks, fizzy drinks...See if you can limit it so if you do give these to your child it's before lunch.'

3. Have a clear bed-time and stick to it

'This is easier said than done in a busy household, but pre-schoolers are no different to us. Adults often go to bed at the same time most nights, we have a routine like taking off make-up, cleaning our teeth, reading a book and pre-schoolers are no different to that. We all need some rituals and wind-down activities. This can be having be having a bath after dinner, or reading a story but try to keep it to the same activities at night. You'll be surprised how it works.'