The Block brass bath divides Australia!

Love it or hate it?

August 27 2018

It's the bath everyone's talking about.

Last night on The Block, Sara and Hayden thought they had wowed the judges with their $75,000 bathroom and a show-stopping brass bath

But after initially liking their design, the judges decided it wasn't as fantastic as the price tag might have led them to believe and the pair came last on the leader board, causing Sara to announce she wanted to leave.

'There's too much black - black cabinetry, black tap ware, black basins. For me, it brings you down,' said Neil Whittaker during the judges' critique.

And while many agreed the bathroom wasn't an amazing design, the bath has got everyone talking...

Hayden and Sara who used the controversial bath

Hayden and Sara who used the controversial bath

Made by Baths of Antiquity, it costs $7500, and is a feature-piece of their design. 

But would you have one in your own bathroom?

'It's the ugliest thing I ever saw,' said one Block fan on Facebook.

'They've got more money than sense. That kind of cash can't buy you style,' said another

Credit: Baths Of Antiquity

Credit: Baths Of Antiquity

'This is more interesting than who the new PM is,' said another. 'The bath should be in power!'

'I love it. People who hate it have zero taste,' said an outraged mum.

What do you think of the infamous brass bath? Would you pay $7,500 for a bath?

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