Barry Hall's baby son was threatened by trolls after his 'stupid' comment on radio

He is shocked by the reaction

August 27 2018

Former AFL star Barry Hall has admitted that trolls have threatened to hurt his baby son, Miller, after he made a ‘stupid’ comment on radio.

The game commentator claimed on TV show 60 Minutes that he and his partner, former Hi-5 star Lauren Brant, have suffered emotionally since threats were made on social media. 

Barry told the cameras that they have had ‘thousands and thousands of hate, absolute hate online’ from various commentators.

'Basically saying that I was a pig and she (partner Lauren) deserves me and all that stuff and my son's ugly and talking about harmful things to them, and I'm not just talking about harmful words I'm talking about physical stuff,' Barry confessed.



'It's just a pack mentality, really. They just lay the boots in …it's a form of bullying, really,' he added.

The online abuse came after Barry was commentating on Triple M’s pre game show when he made an inappropriate comment about Leigh Montagna’s wife, Erin.

Barry made a ‘joke’ that the doctor that performed the ‘sweep’ technique to help induce her labour had behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner.

Barry, who was promptly sacked afterwards agreed the comments should have not been aired.

‘I'll never do that again,' he said.

After his appearance on the show, a mixture of comments flooded in.

'He disgusts me and deserves what he got, sick men and their sexual comments,' one woman stated on Facebook.

But Barry still got plenty of support.

'Barry Hall is sacked and criticised but Sam Newman who has been humiliating women and different majority of humans is still working and people think it's ok,' said another.

While someone else added: 'Point of the matter is, he's paid for his shocking mistake and is now trying to move on with his life. Everybody deserves the chance to move on with their lives. I'm assuming I'm in a forum of perfect people that have never slipped up ever in their lives. Grow, learn, become better and move on.'


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