Barry Hall: "We’ve got no income now"

Former AFL star speaks about losing his job

Content Editor / August 24 2018

Barry Hall has spoken out about how losing his job has thrown his family in financial jeopardy.

The 41-year-old was sacked from his job at Triple M for making vulgar comments on-air about another footballer’s pregnant wife.

Speaking in an interview that is due to air on 60 Minutes this Sunday, the AFL commentator says his family has been under huge strain ever since.

“The thing is, we’ve got no income now,” he says.

“There’s no real light at the end of the tunnel of when that will change or when that will be,” he added.

Barry and his partner, former High-5 singer Lauren Brant, have a young son, Miller.

The ‘joke’ that led to Barry being sacked were in relation to footballer Leigh Montagna’s wife, who had undergone a sweep prior to giving birth. The commentator made the suggestion that the doctor had acted in a sexually inappropriate way.

"It was a bit unrehearsed. It was an off-the-cuff comment that was inappropriate for air,” Hall says.

“It shouldn’t have been made on radio. It was a big c*** up.”

At the time, Brant stood by her man, taking to social media to defend him.

“Barry was involved in a silly conversation on air where he made a stupid comment,” the former singer wrote on Instagram.

“Although it was completely wrong, it was not intended to be a malicious statement and there was absolutely no thought or substance behind it.”

“He has lost his job because of it, our son and myself are being attacked… and [he] is getting labeled as something he is not,” she added.

The 60 Minutes episode featuring Hall will air on Sunday at 8.30pm.