Mum of three is widowed twice – before the age of 30

She's an inspiration.

August 27 2018

Mother-of-three Jessica Halsem-Bantoft, 29, has been married twice and watched both husbands pass away – before the age of thirty.

 The British woman’s first husband Jason died in a fatal accident at work when she was 11 weeks pregnant with their third child. She now has Barnaby, three, George, five, and Toby, eight.

'On August 28, 2014, Jason was working late as a catering engineer. He would normally call to wish the boys goodnight, 
but that evening we didn’t hear from him, and I knew something was wrong,' Jessica told The Sun.  

'My worst fears were confirmed when they explained he’d been fatally electrocuted at work,' she added.

Jason was only 24 at the time and the pair had been sweethearts since they were teenagers and his death left her heartbroken.

Jess, Jason, George and Toby

Jess, Jason, George and Toby

The birth of her third child Barnaby she described as ‘bittersweet’ as she missed her husband so much and her son looked so much like him.

Yet as the months passed, Jessica learned to live with her grief but as a single mother of three found it hard to manage her life.

She hired a gardener named Tom and they soon fell in love. But another tragedy was on the horizon for the couple. Tom told Jessica that he had suffered lymphoma and six months into the couple’s relationship, the cancer returned.

Jess and Tom

Jess and Tom

Tom got the all clear some months later, but by the end of the year, on Boxing Day he returned to hospital and was given a few weeks to live.

 But before Tom tragically passed away, Jessica found a registrar and married her love and sat by his side until he died on January 8, 2018.

 'People stare at me in disbelief when I tell them I’ve been widowed twice. I don’t blame them – I’m only 29,' Jessica confessed.

'Despite all I’ve been through, I wouldn’t change a thing. I just hope that one day I’ll find someone to grow old with.'

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