JUST MAGIC! You can now take a Harry Potter-style cocktail class!

And you get your own wand and cloak!

August 26 2018

Do you know a Harry Potter super-fan?

Or have you always fancied yourself as a bit of a Hogwarts-loving Hermione or Harry?

Of course you have! Well, now you can stop being a Muggle and take a special magic class and create your own cocktail – complete with magic wand!

A pub called The Cauldron, is bringing the completely magical cocktail experience to America and London and if it’s successful it could be rolled out around the world.

Students are given a Hogwarts-style robe and a magic wand, then they are taught how to brew "molecular cocktails that change colour, bubble and smoke."

The class runs for an hour and 45 minutes so there’s plenty of time to make your own magic concoctions, and we assume, to drink them too!

 Sadly you can’t take kids as you have to be over 18 in London and over 21 in New York, but imagine how much fun grown up magic fans will have?