Teacher THROWS OUT child's sweet lunchbox treat because it's 'not fair' to other students

She what?!

May 23 2019

An irate mum has sparked a wave of outrage after she revealed her child's sweet treat was thrown away by the class teacher.

Posting on Facebook, the Queensland mum asked others if they thought it was acceptable for a teacher to take away the treat because it was not fair to other students. She said she felt like her child had been lunchbox-shamed.

'Do you think it's okay for a teacher to throw away an item of your child's lunch that you packed just because it's a "sweet" and the teacher believes it's not fair as not every other child has a sweet?' she wrote. 

'When I say sweet I mean anything like a chocolate biscuit, chocolate coated muesli bar, cake, chocolate mousse etc. Regardless of whether it's fat, sugar reduced or not.'



Facebook followers were quick to join her in slamming the teacher, with hundreds of commenters saying they thought the teacher was definitely in the wrong. 

Some said they should have just sent the treat home instead of throwing it in the bin.

'No. You paid for that. If the teacher is not happy, then by all means she can hold onto it and let you know why she took it,' one group member said.

'It’s never okay to throw it out! What a horrible experience for a child; we’ve gone insane when it comes to food but they cross a line when they shame a child like that,' said another.

Members agreed that although they support teaching nutrition, they think what was described in the post is 'shaming and hurtful'. 


'This is not how we teach nutrition; I hate the way lunchboxes are policed now. Demonising food groups; embarrassing children,' a follower said.

Other people told the original poster to make a complaint to the school and a woman who used to work in a school office said teachers can advise but they are not allowed to throw out food.

She added that it isn't up to teachers to police children's lunchboxes and suggested the mother put a note in the child's lunchbox outlining why it was not right to confiscate food from a child who has to go without.

So what should go in a child's lunch box?

Nutritionist Susie Burrell believes sweet treats are fine as long as there is balance.  'The key is to ensure that there is always one child-friendly food in your little one's lunch box,' she revealed on Practical Parenting last year. 'Like healthier packaged snacks or home-baked treats.'

Susie's lunchbox winners! 

    1. A piece of fruit, including light fruits such as mandarins, mini apples and a few berries
    2. A serving of vegetables, including carrots, cucumber or capsicum sticks – veggies are just as important as including fruit in their lunchbox
    3. A small ‘fun’ snack – I usually make homemade muffins or banana bread as a delicious, healthy snack
    4. A wrap or sandwich – include plain fillings such as cheese, ham and turkey cut into small bite-sized pieces



Do you think it's right that a teacher can confiscate a child's lunch?