Can you see why a pre-school REJECTED this lunchbox?

They sent it home with a note!

September 19 2018

A furious mum has revealed that she packed her child a lunchbox for daycare, but it was sent home after being labelled 'unhealthy'.

Can you see why?

Mum Laura Lee revealed on Facebook that she packed the lunch for her two-year-old son but some of it got sent home with a note saying it wasn't healthy enough.

Laura revealed on Facebook that the problem was with the three mini cookies and added that staff at the pre-school stopped her son from eating them and they were returned!




The health-conscious mum said she was shocked by the decision and other Facebook users were quick to agree. 'Absolute rubbish that he wasn't allowed to get those small cookies. Everything in moderation surely.'

Laura's post came after teachers on Facebook listed all the really unhealthy lunches they have seen pupils bring in - one included a can of Redbull. 

Guidelines for healthy lunches for toddlers include encouraging your children with protein like ham, chicken, canned fish, roast meat, hummus, egg or low-fat cheese and avoiding devon or turkey roll, as they’re usually high in fat and very high in salt. But nutritionists believe it's important to add in a treat occasionally.

For more information on the perfect lunch box, try here.

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