Are these the worst school lunches ever?

Red Bull? Yep.

September 18 2018

Teachers have revealed the worst-ever packed lunches their pupils have brought to school - including one  who was given a can of Red Bull.

The teacher, in the UK, questioned the pupil's mum who also included a packet of chips in her son's lunch box and her reply left the teacher speechless. 'He’d had a late night on his Xbox and seemed like he needed a pick-me-up,' said the mum. 



Another kid was sent to school with a day-old McDonalds Happy Meal in his lunchbox because his Gran didn't want the food to go to waste.

Another teacher admitted that he had found one pupil eating a packet of ginger biscuits and explained his mum had simply been “too tired” to go to the shops so that's what he found.

The teacher's revelations all appeared on a closed Facebook group with some of the teachers admitting they cried when they saw what their kids had brought to school. 

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