Aussie mum offers FREE lunchbox food to other kids - and she's SLAMMED by trolls

She is crushed.

May 09 2019

A Queensland mum thought she helping out fellow parents when she took to Facebook to announce she was giving away leftover free ‘lunchbox food’ that her daughter refused to eat.

However, her kind-hearted gesture was SLAMMED by irate mothers who accused of her serving unhealthy snacks in a shocking online showdown that takes ‘lunchbox shaming’ to a whole new level. 

Sharing a snap of  Tiny Teddies packets, Scooby Doo cheese dip and crackers, Cheese Rings and more - the mum said she was giving them away for free. 



She wrote,  ‘Lunchbox food I've bought but my daughter can't/won't eat. Will put in bag for anyone who would like to pick up.’ 

But little did she expect the wrath of other mums who royally smashed her for the offer and told her bad her food choices were disgusting. 

It doesn't look like real food, no wonder she won't eat it,’ said one social media user.

Added another: ‘Lol, doesn't look like food to me.’ Said a third: It's not a bad thing that the child won't eat them.’

But the mum didn’t take the criticism lying down, saying ‘shame on you!’ to those who’d slammed her. 

‘Well stuff me for trying to help out someone who wanted some lunch bits for their kids,’ she wrote.

‘Some people can't afford to [buy] certain non necessary items for their kids. And here I am trying to do something nice and people have the audacity to cut me down. SHAME ON YOU!’

It’s the latest in a long line of ‘lunchbox shaming’ scandals which have hit social media over the last few months.

One lunchbox was slammed by a school for packing TOO MUCH food while another was SLAMMED for including three little biscuits.


Do you think lunchbox shaming has gone too far?

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