MMMBop! Taylor Hanson is having baby number six!

The singer and his wife have announced the big news

August 29 2018

MMMBop indeed! Taylor Hanson is having his sixth baby with wife Natalie.

Taylor who is 35 (yes, that's 35!) is one of seven children himself and has always wanted a large family. 

'Natalie and I have always kept a love of adventure and pursuit of rich experiences at the heart of our family. There’s no greater adventure than welcoming a sixth little person to our tribe,' he revealed to People.

Natalie took to social media to make the big announcement, featuring all five of her children whose ages range from 15 to five.

'Taylor and I are so thrilled to share the news that baby number six is coming this December! Ezra, Penny, River, Viggo and especially Wilhelmina can’t wait to be big brothers and sisters again!'

Taylor and his brothers Isaac and Zac have been playing together as Hanson since the mid-90s. The group's most famous hit, MMMBop, is still their most popular song but they still tour and release new music. 

Looks like they might need a bigger tour bus at this rate!

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