So easy! The miracle sliding door and window cleaning trick you need to know about

‘This is genius!’

November 04 2019


Well one clever person has come up with an ingenious hack to cleaning the tricky spot once and for all, and we couldn’t love it more. 

Sharing the idea on a Tik Tok video, user Wonderlife_Aliexpress started by placing a cleaning scourer/sponge block over the bottom of the window or door and use a texta to mark where the rails line up on the sponge. 

The clever user then uses a stanley knife to safely cut lines across the soft side of the sponge in line with the texta markings, being careful not to cut all the way through.

You can then use the soapy or wet sponge to run over the door or window jam, and the cuts in the sponge mean that you can effectively clean on either side of the tracks with no fuss at all. As one social media user said, ‘It’s genius!’

The Tik Tok video has now gone viral, meaning homeowners around the world can have clean sliding doors and windows in a jiffy. Love it!

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