5 easy steps to organise your wardrobe

Even the busiest of parents can get this done!

April 24 2020

Busy? Who isn't?! Needing to tidy up your wardrobe but just can't face it?

Personal stylist at Living for Style, Shannon Johnson reveals the 5 steps to sorting your wardrobe once and for all - and you can do it all while you're self-isolating.

WATCH: Shannon's tips on colour coordinating your wardrobe




1. Get matching hangers

"Matching hangers will instantly streamline your wardrobe, making everything easier to find, and making it much easier on the eye," says Shannon. "They're easy to buy online at Kmart or Howard's Storage World."

2. Buddy up your tops

"First, look at all your tops," says Shannon. "Get rid of everything that has holes, stains or doesn't fit. If you hope it will fit one day, put it in storage - don't keep it cluttering up your wardrobe. Then make sure every top has a "buddy" to wear it with - either pants or a skirt. If you don't have something to wear it with, it's unlikely to be useful."

3. Colour coordinate your items

"When you have your edit, hang things in colour order," says Shannon. "I like to go from light to dark, and within that, from camis to long sleeves in that order so it's easy to find everything you need quickly." 


A colour coordinated wardrobe makes it easier to choose what to wear.

A colour coordinated wardrobe makes it easier to choose what to wear.


4. Lay out all your outfits

"When you've sorted your tops, lay each one out on the bed, and pair it with bottoms, accessories and shoes," says Shannon. "Take photos so you have an idea of a whole outfit, without having to think about it each morning. This also gives you an idea of what you might need in order to be able to wear things as much as possible."

5. Hang as much as possible

"Ideally hang tops (apart from knits) on a top rail, and bottoms on a bottom rail, so everything is within easy reach," says Shannon. "Keep accessories on hangers on the backs of doors so you can see them easily too."

Want more easy to follow style tips from Shannon? Visit her at Living for Style or join her 5 Day Wardrobe Challenge on Facebook.


Matching hangers will instantly streamline your wardrobe

Matching hangers will instantly streamline your wardrobe