Pregnant A-list star reveals photo of her shockingly swollen feet and asks for help - and the answers are brilliant!


January 14 2019

When a heavily pregnant celebrity mum asked the internet for help about her swollen feet, she probably had no idea just how amazing and helpful the answers were going to be.

But Jessica Simpson, who is currently pregnant with her third child - a second baby girl, posted this photo of her swollen foot on social media and asked for her fans and followers to suggest ways she could fix the problem with the words, 'Any remedies? Help'


Any remedies?! Help!!!!
Any remedies?! Help!!!!


The 38-year-old star is due to give birth any day but was clearly desperate to get the swelling down in the lead up to the birth of her new baby.





Followers were quick to inundate her with their remedies which included wearing compression socks, putting her feet up and one follower suggested soaking them in this special foot bath. 

“Take Epsom salt foot baths. Soaking your feet in a basin with warm water and ½ cup Epsom salts or in the bathtub with 1 cup. Make soaking in Epsom salts a relaxing nightly ritual if you can while you're pregnant. Feel free to add a couple drops of lavender, rose, rosemary, or wintergreen essential oil,” she advised,

It's totally normal to get some swelling in pregnancy, particularly in your legs, ankles, feet and fingers and it is often worse at the end of the day and further into your pregnancy.

Swelling that comes on gradually isn't usually harmful to you or your baby, but it can be uncomfortable. However, a sudden increase in swelling can be a sign of pre-eclampsia, a condition that affects some pregnant women, usually during the second half of pregnancy (from around 20 weeks) or soon after the birth.

And while lots of followers told Jess to go to her doctor immediately, it's not thought the singer was in any danger - she is just very uncomfortable. 

One doctor advised Jess that even what she eats can minimise the bloating in her feet and ankles.

‘Your diet can also contribute,’ Dallas gynaecologist Dr Jessica Shepherd tells US Women’s Health, adding that she recommends pregnant women limit their caffeine and sodium intake—both of which can make your body retain water.

Adds US obstetrician Dr Christine Greves: ‘The reason why you see it more in the feet is just from gravity—that's where the body tends to hold extra fluid.’

Things you can do to avoid and ease swelling in your feet and ankles during pregnancy

Try to:

  • avoid standing for long periods
  • wear comfortable shoes and socks – avoid tight straps or anything that might pinch if your feet swell
  • try to rest with your feet up as much as you can
  • drink plenty of water – this helps your body get rid of excess water
  • exercise – try to take regular walks during the day or doing foot exercises

Foot exercises to do when you're pregnant

You can do foot exercises sitting or standing. They improve blood circulation, reduce swelling in the ankles, and prevent cramp in the calf muscles:

  • bend and stretch your foot up and down 30 times
  • rotate each foot in a circle 8 times one way and 8 times the other way