New mum crushed by mean neighbour note

So upsetting

July 16 2019

A mum who recently moved into a new apartment was shocked when she received an anonymous note from a neighbor complaining about the noise levels.

The woman, a mother of two young toddlers aged 18 months and two and a half, shared the note on social media and asked whether she was right to feel annoyed about the note – and how to address it.

“I was just wondering if I am right in feeling a little pissed off about this given both girls are still adjusting, one is getting her molars and the other has awoken scared in the night because she’s in a new room,” she wrote.

There is just some terminology in here that rubs me up the wrong way…”



People were quick to comment on the woman's note, with many siding with her, and agreeing that while noisy kids are annoying, the fact that the note was delivered anonymously was the worst part about it.

"I would put it up on the noticeboard with a note to 'anonymous' to carpet their ceilings and walls as it is (probably) illegal to gag your kids," wrote one.

"It's only been a week!" added another. "FFS, what do they expect you to do? Sometimes kids cry, and no amount of soothing stops them."

"Anonymous notes are ridiculous. Mainly because you can't even respond to the note," added a third.



Some commenters said they could see both sides, however. 

"Putting up with someone else's kid - ugh," wrote one. "My old neighbour can't sleep for the noise of a child. She's a shaking wreck because of it.

"She's a mum, she gets it, but her whole life is working around this kid's sleep patterns."

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