Should you use your neighbour’s wheelie bin? Huge argument sparked - BUT WHAT IS RIGHT?

This has divided the country!

September 25 2018

Are you one of those people who uses your neighbour’s bin if yours is overflowing on collection day?

If you are, and you don't ask - we’d keep very quiet.

A heated debate started after a Kiwi radio host posed the question to his listeners on Newstalk ZB.  

‘If my neighbours knew I was putting my rubbish in their bins they wouldn’t like it but I’d let them put their stuff in mine,’ asserted one listener.

But others believed that any bin was fair game to dump excess garbage without asking as it’s council property and not yours, especially if it’s out on the street.  

But it's safe to say that's a dangerous position to take...



The very heated debate then crossed the Tasman and hit social media... Next thing you know, everyone is weighing in. 

Followers of The Flawsome Mum – a parenting Facegroup page – went into battle on this one, and it turns out nothing enrages us more than poor wheelie bin usage!

I pay extra a year to have a bigger bin,' said one. ‘Therefore I shouldn’t have to put up with the neighbours filling it up with their s***, if their rubbish doesn’t fit in their bin then purchase a bigger one like I did! The only exception to this is if you pick up your dog poo then I’m ok with you bagging it and placing it in my general waste bin, would rather that than on my lawn!

Another disagreed, 'It's a council bin so you can't claim it as your own. If it's bin day and you're finished with it, let someone else use it. Why should they ask? It's hardly trespassing to go down your drive and put some bags in a bin. Isn't it time we stopped being so selfish?'

And it seems neighbours have fallen out of the big, bad subject of THE WHEELIE BIN!

I always thought if it was out on the street, it's ok to put in neighbours (and am happy for them to do the same),' said one follower. 'But one time I went out late at night before early morning collection and put some rubbish in a neighbours’ bin a few doors down and the next morning found my rubbish dumped squarely in the middle of my driveway.’

Another had a top tip, 'Wait til I can hear truck in next street then I fill all the bins on the street if I need too! Never before bin day and definitely not if they aren't out on the street!!'





After pages of comments, there finally seemed to be a consensus..


  1. It’s only OK if your neighbour says it’s OK.
  2. Wait until bin day.
  3. If your neighbours bin is in the street, it’s fair game.
  4. People get very, very angry about this!


But what's right? And why are people so angry about this?!


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