WATCH: Mum welcomes first set of quadruplets in New Zealand in 20 YEARS!

These photos will make your heart melt - fact.

November 27 2018

To get a 12-week old to nap is something most new mum’s struggle with so imagine getting four bubs to sleep and managing to photograph them doing it!

It’s something newborn photographer Cassandra English can add to her list of accomplishments after her shoot with these cute Kiwi quads.

The bubs, Quinn, Indie, Hudson and Molly, New Zealand’s first quadruplets in two decades, were photographed during a mammoth seven and a half hour session.

“There were 13 nappy changes, nine bottles, numerous burps and farts (I lost count), and I only managed to only get vomited on twice,” Cassandra laughs.



Cassandra English/Hazel & Cass

Cassandra English/Hazel & Cass

Watch the super-cute video below (credit: Emma Smart Creative)

This story appears with permission from New Idea