Amazing photos! Mum of triplets shows off post-baby body - four weeks after birth


October 23 2018

A mum-of-triplets has shown off her post-baby body, four weeks after she gave birth.

And her photos are being praised for showing the 'taboo' subject of a woman's body after having babies.

Maria Nordø Jørstad, who is originally from Norway, but now lives in Denmark showcased her ever-changing body on Instagram as soon as she found out she was pregnant with triplets. After Iben, Filip and Agnes were born, the mum decided to carry on taking photos of her body.

'I think I had it in the back of my mind [to continue taking pictures after giving birth], I thought it would be interesting to show the other side of it as well, because there aren't many people who share that,' Maria told Femail.



'[My stomach] is still showing, I was kind of surprised that it was still so big. I didn't know that it takes such a long time to shrink.

'I found it kind of interesting, this is the reality for many women and you never see pictures like that.'

Maria, went from 4,000 Instagram followers to more than 200,000 in just a week after sharing a video of her bump at 34 weeks, and is now being praised by other mums for her honest pictures and chronicling her feelings about her babies and her body, after the birth.

'Thanks for showing that no-one really has a six-pack a week later,' said one. 

'You give me hope that I am not alone,' said another mum. 'Keep on showing your wonderful photos.'



Maria was already a mum-of-one when she fell pregnant with the triplets and she said she found it easier for her body to return to normal back then. This time she is struggling with how she looks.

 'I compared it with my first pregnancy where I got back to shape really quickly. I just want my body back and to wear normal clothes again, I'm still having to wear pregnancy trousers and pants and it's so heavy to carry around.'

She says she will keep Instagramming her body until she is happy with how it looks.

'I think that there has been a small revolution during the last few years - with the Me Too and Time's up movements in front line - where women have started speaking up about female issues that until now has been kind of taboo. Not spoken about,' she said to Femail.

'And social media has been the biggest platform to share these personal stories, like how you look and feel like after giving birth.'