Mum planning to get tubes tied shocked to be pregnant with triplets

‘I laughed and first, and then I cried.'

March 24 2017

It turns out, these triplets are full of surprises - when Bobbie was 28 weeks along she went into hospital with early contractions everything looked okay, and she was allowed to go home. However, the contractions soon started again and after only 20 minutes, the triplets were born. 

Despite arriving 10 weeks early, the triplets - baby boy Cooper, and two girls Emma and Charlie - are all doing well. They will be monitored in the NICU until they have put on enough weight. 

Bobbie says she can’t wait to get the whole family together - but she has definitely made an appointment to have her tubes tied.

'I do not intend on having any more children,' she laughs. 'Seven children is more than enough!'  

You can help the family of nine settle their new bubs by contributing to their GoFundMe campaign here.

This article originally appeared on that's life!