Mum is cruelly slammed for tandem-breastfeeding her 3-year-old and newborn

She's shocked to the core

December 12 2018

An Aussie mum-of-three has revealed how she's been slammed for 'tandem breastfeeding' her newborn baby and four-year-old daughter - at the same time.

Irina Naumova, 33, from Perth but currently living in Cyprus, shared a Facebook photo of herself breastfeeding Anastasia, three, during her third pregnancy as her son Nicholas, now six, looked on. 





Irina has since given birth to her son Leo and now feeds both her newborn and her toddler at the same time, and her son Nicholas is often present.

One mother wrote: 'I'm all for breastfeeding but having an older boy standing next to his mum with her boob out for her three-year-old is kind of creepy.'

'You are sick! The maximum it's two years!! God forbid which kind of a mother you are?!' another wrote.



Some asked why Irina just didn't express the milk and serve it in a cup, while others commented that her breasts looked 'old' and 'tired'. 

'Some wrote that I must be sick in the head to have photos like this taken, that I shouldn't be a mother and that my kids will grow up with problems,' she explained to MailOnline. 'All because they didn't like the fact I was breastfeeding my three-year-old.' 

After posting her photo in Breastfeeding Mama Talk, Irina says she’s proud of the pictures and is happy to be the poster-girl for breastfeeding different aged children at the same time.

'I'm proud of myself for breastfeeding my babies and feel it's important to spread the word about how good and healthy it is to breastfeed whenever possible,' she said.

The picture received 3,600 likes and most of the comments were positive, saying Irina was an inspiration, however many were rude and some were downright nasty. 





What Irina wrote on her post:

'This is our breastfeeding story and it’s our ‘normal’! So many people are quick to judge. Strangers on the street, the medical profession, family, friends, the list goes on. 

'While breastfeeding my three-year-old daughter during pregnancy, advice/opinions were given all the time. I had to hear that my “milk was poison”, “the baby would be born premature”, “it’s NOT normal”, “you need to stop”, “she is using you as a pacifier”, “it’s not good!" 

'Guess what I did? I let it go and didn’t listen. I did what felt right for me and my children. I ignored it and did not allow it to get to me and, most importantly, I did not allow it to change what I intuitively felt was right and natural for my daughter and my body. 

'This photo was taken two weeks ago, A week ago, I naturally delivered my baby boy with no complications healthy and happy. I’m currently still breastfeeding my three-year-old daughter and my newborn and it’s all OK! 


What do you think of Irina's tandem breastfeeding?