Mum is slapped with $112 parking fine during gruelling 21-hour labour - and wardens refuse to waive it.

This is outrageous.

November 13 2018

An Aussie mum was slapped with a parking fine while she was in labour – despite leaving a note on her car explaining she was giving birth.

Jess Brooks, 33, parked her car at her mother's house in Newtown, Sydney, before going to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for a scheduled induced labour.

Her waters broke at 6am and she fully expected her baby would be born that day.


She paid for a 24-hour visitors' parking permit and rushed into the hospital.

She said: "We didn't get up to the ward until 8am so my partner and I had both been awake for 30 hours and it slipped our minds.

“By the time we remembered the car it was just after midday and it was too late, the fine was issued at 11.56am.”

In an attempt to avoid a fine, Jess' mum had desperately left a note on the windscreen saying she couldn't get into the car to update the ticket as her daughter and her daughter's partner had the keys with them in the birthing suite.  

The young mother appealed the fine with a written letter, even providing the birth certificate, but it was REJECTED!

Revenue NSW said the $112 parking fine was entirely justified as the “restrictions were clearly signposted”.

Brookes said: “I was shocked labour was not considered a legitimate cause for leniency.”