First-time mum gives birth at 58

“My life is just complete now that I have got my baby“

August 16 2018

A Sydney woman has given birth to her first child at age 58, after travelling to New Delhi, India, to undergo IVF treatment.

Carolyne Ness, who moved to Australia from Fife in Scotland, did not qualify for IVF treatment in the UK because of her age.

Women are not able to undergo IVF in Australia past the average age of natural menopause, around age 52.

Ms Ness had tried for many years to fall pregnant with her now ex-husband, but found herself single and childless at 40, and desperate to have a baby.

Appearing on the British talk show This Morning, Carolyne said that she paid £4500 (around $7900) for the treatment, but has no regrets.

‘My life is just complete now that I have got my baby and I am so happy that I made the choice to go ahead,’ she said.

The procedure was done using donor embryos and sperm, and Ms Ness was able to choose the donors herself, saying ‘I chose the ones that felt right for me.’

A much-loved baby

'Even though I am an older mother I am coping very well and he is very loved and very much wanted,' she added.

Should anything happen to her, the 59-year-old says she has made plans for the care of her young son, Javed.

'My sister is willing to take him, she is five years younger and my best friend who was my birthing partner, she is ten years younger,’ she explained.

Ms Ness is not overly worried however, saying that longevity runs in her family.

Javed was born by C-section at 37 weeks and his mum said she doesn't plan to have any more children.