Mum claims none of her seven children have EVER had a tantrum. Yes, really.


January 09 2019

A mum appeared on UK TV to tell viewers that NONE of her seven kids have ever had a tantrum or answered her back.

Gemma Rawnsley was on This Morning to analyse footage of the father dragging his daughter through an airport by her hood - and she certainly provoked a reaction with her comments. 


Gemma Rawnsley/This Morning/ITV

Gemma Rawnsley/This Morning/ITV


Gemma accused the man of having "no relationship" with his child - and even suggested that the move could have been "abusive".

She then said none of her children had ever had a tantrum in a supermarket or talked back to her.

Gemma said: "I can honestly say in 14-and-a-half years of raising children - and I have seven children - I've never once had an incident..."

She added, "Why are we always assuming that children are such a burden and so difficult to care for? I see a breakdown of relationship there.

"I've never once had any one of my children answer back to me or an incident where they've thrown a tantrum in a supermarket.

"I've based my ethos of parenting on relationship, mutual respect, conversation, and as a result we have a friendship.

"And honestly, I would pick my child up and I would carry them in a tender, loving way."



Gemma and her family on the Channel 4

Gemma and her family on the Channel 4


Gemma's comments sparked outrage among some viewers, with one tweeting: "How to become completely unrelatable to other parents! No one has children that don't refuse or tantrum!"

Another said: "No matter how good your children are it happens. Kids are kids,"

And a third added: "Aren't we the perfect mummy. Never had a tantrum with her kids. Now she's used the abuse word. Be careful, lady."

Gemma was talking after video footage emerged of what is thought to be a dad dragging his daughter through an airport. 


What do you think of Gemma's comments?

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