WATCH HERE: This video has caused OUTRAGE among parents - what do you think?

Is this cruel? Or just a worn out parent?

January 08 2019

A video of a dad dragging his daughter through an airport by her coat hood has caused a social media meltdown, with parents having mixed reactions over his actions.

The un-named man was captured on a phone in Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia with what is thought to be his daughters on New Year’s Day.

The video was then shared on various Facebook pages, including Metro and Viral Hog.


But, parents are divided over whether the dad had just had enough and was dealing with a tantrum without losing his temper, or if he was being cruel to the young girl.

The girl, doesn't appear to mind being pulled through the airport and is quickly followed by what appears to be her sister and their suitcases.

The video was shared with the caption "looks like this dad has reached his limit," and has been viewed more than 6.5 million times.

'This is outrageous,' said one commentator. "It's child-cruelty! Degrading, embarrassing and just plain abuse.'

'The dad should be arrested,' said another. 'Who treats a child like this? The police should be called and Child Services should check up on this girl today.'

But other disagreed saying that the video clearly shows a dad at the end of his tether and trying to get home, in the best way he can. 

'We have all been that dad,' said one. 'Give him a break. No-one knows the back story, no-one saw what led to this. It's just a shame he got caught on video.'

'Parents in the 70s would hit kids in public. This is NOTHING,' said another. 'And besides, she seems to be enjoying the ride.Maybe she said she couldn't walk anymore and was too tired and the dad just decided to help her out.'





What do you think? Cruel or a parent who was trying their best?

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