The Worst Parenting Advice You Will Ever Hear

Our fans share the well-meaning "advice" they've received from friends and family

July 14 2016

1.  "Let her put her fingers in the plug so the electricity hits her and she learns her lesson to never do it again." - Loretta 


2.   "Starting solids early will make them sleep better at night." - Jasmine 


3.   "If they bite you, bite them back!" - Charmaine


4.   "Formula is bad for babies, you should just water down cow’s milk." - Krystal 


5.  "Don't spoil the baby!" - Scott


7.  "That breastmilk has no nutritional value after one year." - Leia


8.  "To use kerosene on your baby’s head to get rid of nits." - Mary 



Getty Images

Getty Images

9.   "To put honey on the dummy to settle bub" - Tammy


10. "To put my four-week-old on watered down Farex instead of breastfeeding." - Claire 


11. "Mother in law told me not to let the baby cry or he will get a hernia." - Mel


12. "Put a small piece of paper moistened with saliva on baby's forehead... it will stop the hiccups." - Xiantal 


13. "When the baby is born I should take my husband's sperm and smear the baby's head for good luck." - Gemma


14. "Not to demand breastfeed, 'you're over feeding the baby.'" -Daniell


15. "If you want your baby to sleep in, wake him up in the middle of the night and play with him." - Jo