Man claims cheating with 300 women has saved his relationship

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August 21 2018

A 30-year-old man who was given a ‘hall pass’ by his partner, claims sleeping with 300 women has saved their relationship.

David Guerrero, 30, explained how he asked long-term partner Laura Noah, 29, if they could have an open relationship, after finding himself attracted to other women.

He told her six years into their relationship that he wanted to break up unless she agreed to his terms. ‘It was horrible but felt like a huge weight had been lifted,’ David explained to The Sun in the UK. ‘I was bored. I needed someone else to light my fire.’

Now, he thinks he has slept with 300 people and if he feels like he is developing feelings for them, he stops seeing them because he says he’s committed to Laura.

‘My affairs have saved our relationship because I would have grown bored and left if I didn’t have my freedom,’ he claims.

Also speaking to The Sun in the UK, Laura admitted she felt ‘frightened’ when David told her he wanted an open relationship, but now admits she feels like a ‘modern woman’ because she never wonders if he’s cheating on her – she knows he is. ‘I am not sure about what we will do in the future but I am happy now,' she added.



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