Aldi launch wine and cheese advent calendars for grown-ups. Yes really!

How good is this?

August 20 2018

Supermarket giant Aldi is launching two special grown-up advent calendars – one with a selection of wines and the other with a range of cheeses!

And even though Aldi bosses haven’t confirmed the calendars will launch in Australia, they will be sold in the US and the UK from November, so fingers crossed!

Each $70 wine box comes with 24 mini bottles of wine in red, white, rosé, and bubbly varieties, so you can celebrate the lead-up to Christmas with all your favourite Aldi wines.






The supermarket chain is also selling a cheese advent calendar too - and it only costs $12.99. The advent calendar box comes with 24 imported mini-cheeses, including cheddar, gouda, and edam cheese. 

Now Aldi, where can we get our hands on one?!



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