Secret texting codes your kids might be using

What the police want parents to know.

April 18 2017

Keeping up to date with the slang children and teens are using today can be tricky. 

To help parents stay in the loop, a police department in England shared a handy guide to the abbreviations your kids could be using and what they mean.

We're urging parents to talk to their children about the dangers of sexting as it could lead to embarrassment, blackmail, or even a criminal record," the Humberside Police Department wrote on their website.


PSNI Newry & Mourne

PSNI Newry & Mourne


How parents can deal with sexting and inappropriate texts

The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner website says parents can:

  • talk to their children about the legal implications of posting inappropriate material
  • encourage them to think twice before they post sexualised photos and texts, keeping in mind that other people might also view them.
  • remind them to delete anything inappropriate they’ve received and avoid sharing forward. 
  • seek help from a professional if you have concerns your child is at vulnerable and at risk.
  • if you are concerned that an incident may be a criminal matter, contact your local police.