Man sends mistakenly embarrassing STI text to his mum

Wow, just wow!

September 06 2018

A simple spelling mistake left a son mortified with embarrassment after his mum assumed he had a sexually transmitted disease. 

Dylan Heggie, from Scotland, shared the text conversation with mum on Twitter and it quickly went viral as followers shared Dylan's shame!


Dylan Heggie/Twitter

Dylan Heggie/Twitter

Dylan misspelt the word stye (a common eye infection) and called it a sti. His mum assumed he was talking about a sexually transmitted infection.

'I’ve got a sti. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it,' he wrote to Mum, who he calls Maw on his text.

She replies, 'Honestly? What you got son?'

He went on to explain that it looked like a bruise but he could only see it when his left eye was shut.

His honest mum then asked a very direct question, 'Is it on your willy or your testicles'.

Clearly then Dylan twigged that his mum was not talking about a stye! “Wit ya pedo it’s under my eye lid [sic].”

And his mum also twigged! “OMG I thought you meant STI as in sex trans disease.”

Dylan Heggie/Twitter

Dylan Heggie/Twitter


Dylan labelled the screen grab of his conversation, 'Had a shocker' and put it on Twitter. You sure did, Dylan!

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