‘World’s first smart cot’ has a built-in iPad

Invention sparks huge backlash from parents

November 08 2018

A British baby furniture company, Babeek, has created the world’s first ‘Smart cot’ which has an inbuilt iPad.

The cot, which retails at £1500 sterling ($2700 AUD) was designed by Babeek’s owner, Gary Taylor, after he had trouble getting his nine-month-old baby to sleep.

The inventor said he wanted to be able to play white noise to help his daughter nod off to sleep.

However, many parents have spoken out against the techno-driven cot on social media, saying it’s for lazy parents who don’t care for their children properly.

“This is wrong on so many levels. There’s a limit for technology and this is just way over that limit!!! Shame on you,” one commenter wrote on Facebook.



Another added: “This has got to be a joke the most ridiculous thing ever. What’s wrong with reading/singing/talking about the day with your child to settle them for bed!”

“Ffs! What is the world coming to, what a sick joke,” wrote another.

A parenting expert has also weighed in saying that the cot is “outrageous” and completely unnecessary.

Dr Gary Allen, a chartered educational psychologist, said: "Given the available literature surrounding screens and sleep and that of early attachment, creating a cot with a built in iPad is simply outrageous.

"Whilst it could be argued that it could be used as a nightlight, to play soothing melodies or be a means for a parent to keep their eye on their child.

"Cots are a safe place for sleeping and resting - period."

Gary Taylor responded to criticism by saying he was simply giving people what they wanted.

“Kids are stuck on their computers. That’s not my fault. That’s the way the generation is going. I’m giving people what they want.”

Speaking from his own experience, he said he and wife had used their phones to play white noise to help their daughter Graysie sleep.

But the music would often cut out when they received a call or message, disturbing their baby.