Scientific proof! Here’s EXACTLY how much sex you should have and WHEN, if you want to make a baby!

New research backs this up!

May 29 2019

If you're trying for a baby, you need to have sex an average of 78 times BEFORE you fall pregnant, according to research!

Typically, it takes a total of 185 days from deciding to conceive to finally getting a positive pregnancy test — that's the equivalent of SIX MONTHS AND 3 DAYS!

It's also emerged that couples change their sex life and sex positions to have sex 13 TIMES each month while trying to make a baby.

The study of 1,194 parents showed half the couples admitted to making love much more frequently than normal after they've ditched birth control in an attempt to have a baby.






The most popular position to conceive, according the research on, is the missionary position, which is used by 3/4 of couples.

And while over a 1/3 of women and 51 per cent of men said they “loved” having more sex, 18 percent admitted that sex when you're trying to conceive can feel like a chore rather than a pleasurable experience!

In a bid to help with the mood, one in 16 women even booked a special “baby-making holiday” or weekend break.

Half of women tried to time sex to fertile days, while 39 percent improved their diet and took extra vitamins.

But 5 percent used more unorthodox methods including fertility spells and gender prediction calendars.

The study also showed just under a third of couples got pregnant in the very first month, and a fifth took between a year and three years.

Siobhan Freegard, founder of, said: “Far from being an unlucky number, 13 seems to be the lucky number couples need each month to fall pregnant.

And did you know that research proves that January 2 at 10.36pm is the most popular time of the whole year to fall pregnant.

Fertility experts have dubbed January 2 ‘National Baby-Making Day’ as official figures show the common day to be born is September 26 – 38 weeks later!


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