Heartbreaking: Police appeal for info on lost, naked boy who knocked on door in Melbourne

Police are desperate

April 18 2019

Questions are being asked after a young boy who was naked, distressed and lost knocked on the door of a house in Melbourne's south-east early this morning.

The boy, believed to be about nine, called at a house in Hibberd Street, Highett, about 2.45am.

Police and an ambulance were called and the little boy - who could not communicate at all - was taken to hospital.

Police said the boy was "non verbal". They then released a photo of him in a bid to identify him.




In the photo, the boy appears distressed and disoriented, with a red nose and cheeks. 

About 10.30am, 45 minutes after police issued the public plea, they said "the concerned parents of the young boy found wandering in Highett early this morning have come forward" but have given no more information. They're asking for anyone with any information to come forward. 

We understand the boy has been reunited with his parents now, but it remains unclear why he was naked and wandering the streets alone at night. 

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