Children who REFUSE to go to bed, earn BIG money by the time they're 40 - study proves it!

We'll all be rich (if they give us any...)

April 15 2019

Stubborn kids whose favourite word is NO and REFUSE to go to bed when they’re told, finish their dinner or put their shoes on will be earning BIG money by 40!

That’s the findings of a clinical study who followed kids from childhood through to adulthood to see how their younger behaviour patterns affected their experiences as adults.

And boy, is it interesting!



According to a paper, published in the Journal Of Developmental Psychology, rule breaking and general defiance of parents are two of the best predictors of earning a high income as an adult.

The research followed 700 children until they hit mid-life, using data from the MAGRIP study, which began in 1968.

Children between the ages of eight and 12 had their personality traits assessed. Then they were tracked down around 40 years later and it turns out that the stubborn ones became the educational over-achievers and high-earners!

The study reads, “If there are no other omitted third variables, we might assume that students who scored high on this scale might earn a higher income because they are more willing to be more demanding during critical junctures such as when negotiating salaries or raises.”

In other words, those downright stubborn kids who grow up learning to say “no” to EVERYTHING earn more.



The authors don’t provide a definite reason. The study also didn’t account for life choices and career paths that could affect earning potential but hey...

Personality traits are known to be better predictors of success than more traditional metrics like IQ, so the next time your child refuses point blank to go to bed, won't eat their peas, or never does ANYTHNG you say – remember at 40 they will be a HUGE success.

Make you feel better? Nope, but it was worth a try!


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