Hairdresser REFUSES to cut four-year-old's hair for the most BIZARRE reason - EVER!

No, she didn't have nits!

November 23 2018

A hairdresser refused to trim a little girl's hair when her mum booked her in for an appointment at a local salon. 

And the reason why is so weird, it's left many shaking their heads in confusion.

Little Shelby Paul was left sobbing when she visited her regular hairdresser, Bogaarts Styling Lounge in Pukekohe, New Zealand, only to be refused entry.

Shelby’s mum, Stacey Paul, said the 4-year-old has been going to the the salon since she was one and this was the first time she’d been turned away.

The mum and daughter visited the salon because Shelby needed a fringe trim so she looked her best for her uncle’s wedding.

But the salon said they have a new policy which clearly states that a child can only have a hair cut in the salon IF the parent is a customer too. 

Stacey doesn't have her hair cut there because she can't afford it, but she is happy for her daughter to go there as the salon is so professional. 

“They told me ‘she can only get her hair cut if you get yours done here’,” the mother said, adding she was told it was a new policy.

“They said ‘you have two options: sign up with us or go somewhere else’.”




Mum, Stacey, admitted she couldn’t afford to have her hair done at the salon, so they had to leave with Shelby in tears.

The mother then left a scathing review on the salon’s Facebook page saying she was left “very disappointed” with their visit.

“Apparently your policy has changed and children can only go there if their mum does? We have (paid) $NZ25 for a five-minute fringe trim but I was willing to spend that again as she was comfortable there and we had never had a bad cut,” she wrote.

“I honestly left without being able to say anything, I was in shock that we were turned away. “My daughter got to the car and cried. This was a horrible experience. I had told a few friends to take their daughters there but there is no way I will be recommending you again. It’s not worth the tears.”

The salon replied, “Sorry that you feel offended by our salon policy."

“We value or great customer service and value our wonderful clients and we do look after children in our salon of clients … It was a joint team stylist decision. If a parent/caregiver goes to another salon to have their hair done, we ask why don’t you take your children there?”

But Stacey's honest reply left them stumped. 

'I can’t afford to get mine done so I have my friend trim my hair every six months or so when I see her. My daughter had never had a bad haircut with you guys and you have looked after her well. But turning us away was very upsetting and she will not want to come back again even if I tried. I definitely disagree with this policy,” she added.

Judging by their Facebook page, it looks like the salon haven't changed their policy yet, but they might just lose a lot of customers if they don't!


What do you think of the salon's kids policy?