Grandmother buys grandkids a creepy gift that seriously crosses the line!

Just unbelievable

January 11 2019

A woman at her wits end penned a letter to the Dear Prudence advice column, saying she feels as though her mother-in-law is trying to replace her as mother to her own children.

“My husband, our three young children, and I recently went on a vacation with my in-laws,” she writes.

“My mother-in-law tries to act more like our children’s mother than a grandmother. She loves her grandchildren, but she is very interfering, judgmental, and disrespectful to me and my husband.”

However, things took an extremely dark turn when the woman’s mother-in-law produced a book she’d bought that had two pages missing from the end.

“The book was about a girl who visits her grandmother for the summer every year; my MIL wrote an ending with my daughter that said the girl’s parents died and she got to live with her grandmother forever,” the woman said.

What horrified her most, however, was that the book was written as a ‘happy ending.’

“When we confronted her (away from the children) that it was inappropriate, she blamed our 5-year-old saying it was all her idea. I am so upset I can’t even look at this woman,” the worried mum said.

Emily Yoffe, who writes the Dear Prudence column, does not hold back in her response.

“Interfering, judgmental, and disrespectful mothers-in-law are common complaints,” she wrote.

“But it takes a certain kind of genius to come up with the idea of ripping out the final pages of a children’s book and writing the happy ending about becoming an orphan so that one can live with Grammy forever!

“It’s time for your husband to explain to his mother that while she obviously loves the kids, and vice versa, she has to do some serious rethinking about her behavior.

“He needs to explain that she may not be aware of it, but she constantly undermines the two of you as parents.

“He can say you two are so steamed that you’re going to go away as a family without including the in-laws. He can say that he hopes this hiatus gives her a chance to think about how to be a loving grandmother without being an undermining one.”

What would you do?